FUSHENG Screw Air Compressor (SAV45-90)

FUSHENG Screw Air Compressor (SAV45-90) SA45-90 (SAV45-90) Screw Air Compressors

High Performance Airend

Every Fusheng air compressor incorporates components of the highest quality. From the smallest airend to the largest, each features the latest in rotor profile architecture, combined with multiple roller and angular bearings. Our confidence in the durability and integrity of our design to withstand the radial and thrust forces generated by the compression process, is reflected by our industry-leading airend warranty.

Proven in thousands of compressors worldwide, the Fusheng exclusive profile airend is the heart of the entire system. The direct-driven airend and drivetrain work together with IE3 main motor for performance excellence.
  • Optimized air suction design maximizes rotor usage to improve compression efficiency.
  • Simple mechanical design is easier for service.

e-COOL™ Technology

e-COOL™ is environmentally-friendly technology combining smart compressor layout, strategic component selection and location, and cooling airflow and operation to minimize the impact of temperature on compressor efficiency and reliability.
  • Maximum Reliability – Less thermal stress extends life of components.
  • High Efficiency – Centrifugal cooling fan maximizes heat exchange efficiency.
  • Lower Operating Costs – Lower internal compressor temperatures results in better volumetric and electrical efficiency.
  • Better Air Quality – Cooler operation means less residual oil in the compressed air.

AIMS Plus Intelligent Control System

Standard Features Include:

  • User-friendly interface with informative menu structure.
  • Remote Start/Stop.
  • Frost protection as low as -10˚C.
  • Service timers for optimized maintenance.
  • Automatic or manual lead/lag control.
  • Up to 8 units can be sequentially controlled.
  • RS485 communication port.
  • Supports multiple languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
  • Emergency stop.
  • IP54 electrics.

Intelligent Variable Speed Drive
Every dollar you save in energy costs is money that goes straight to your bottom line. And the Fusheng Energy Management System is designed to send plenty of energy savings your way. Fusheng SAV series air compressors are an energy savings package made up of the controller, variable speed drive and airend to create greater overall efficiency. The innovative design maximizes energy savings and reduces overall operating costs. The soft starting capability inrush current requirement, decreasing your power demand – and, of course, increasing your energy saving.
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